Friday, May 26, 2006

In God we trust (eyewitness 3)

You'd have to have been blind to miss the church bleeting on about how greatful they were for the fund money they'd raised. The Whole Chhurch is now built like a fort. You get a good shooting position from the bell tower and those big oak doors would stop a tank.
So many folkes headed to the mall, but its mainly glass and fire exits. tell me one kid in this town who dosn't know how to get into that place, when the doors are supposedly locked.

I didn't count on all these other folk turning up though. Guess the Church really is a big draw when the dead don't lie down.

Anyway some of them have skills and may be good in a final push, but the rest, well they can be bait.

I just need to come up with a plan, this Church wont hold forever.


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