Saturday, May 13, 2006

It makes you proud to be a teddy

The military base that has sat idle for several years, on the outskirts of cottonfalls, is once again reopened.

Troops have been moving back to the base for the past fortnight, the small runway has seen various aircraft landing and unloading supplies.
The military base, as older residents will remember, brought lots of money into the community and many businesses flourished during its time here. Government budget cuts saw the base temporarily closed.

However the base has reopened as an army training ground and research facility, with a mix of veteran soldiers, new recruits and civilian scientists.

For residents worried about this kind of facility in their backyards the base will have two open days a week, explaining their work and future plans, along with the bases already established military museum the whole experience will be a grand day out.

Cottonfalls welcomes back our brave boys in green.


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