Sunday, May 07, 2006

English theme bar changes hands

The English style Bar "The Swan and whistle" has changed hands. The new owners have changed the popular themed drinking hole into a lapdancing club. Residents were up in arms and have pationed the mayor to have the antics of "silk teddies" stopped.

It seems however that the same customers drink at the ,now neon covered, public house.
one regular bar fly, when interviewed said
"The beer has stayed the same price but the views improved. Why would I want to drink elsewhere?"

Captain Owen Cromski was stated as saying
"Their license was approved months ago and no one complained back then. Until they break a law I have bigger problems to worry about"

The Bars owner was unavailable for comment, but worried about reprisals from angry residents has improved security at the bar, fitting toughened glass and heavier doors.


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