Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcome to Cotton Falls

So where is Cottonfalls and what is it's history?

Well Cottonfalls is a small suburb of Smalltown. It has a thriving community with its own law enforcement office, plenty of leisure activities and shoping facilities.


Oh yeah! Smalltown is anything but. It started off as a small coastal town with a good sheltered port and a fair sized hotel. However during the Goldrush, Smalltown boomed.
Not one ounce of gold was found in Smalltown, however it did have a factory that manufactured prospecting tools and as i've previously stated a good hotel and sheltered port, so it was a great place to start and spend your money.
Today Smalltown is a huge metropolis. It's never changed its name, because as it's advertising says "Who wouldn't want to live in a Smalltown."
Cotton falls is a town of its own on the forested outskirts of Smalltown.

So whats Cottonfall's story?

Well Cottonfalls was founded like smalltown a long time ago, unlike Smalltown, it never really grew and has a population of around 700.
It is however a great place to relax from big city life and so has a fantastic tourist industry, mainly attracted by the crystal clear Lake "Silkwaters"

So why's it so special?

Oh! That will be the fact Cottonfalls has a high concentration of odd happenings. So it makes for good storytelling.


Yeah! you know. Like Zombears, ufo sightings and other general strangeness.


Oh i forgot to say. Silly me.
Everyone around here is a teddy bear, from the coast of Smalltown around the globe to the coast of Smalltown.


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