Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Employee of the month

Lectromart would like to take this opportunity (and the fact their a heavy sponsor of this news article) to announce their Employee of the month.

This Month the award goes to Tim Clip. Supervisor of the cottonfalls mall's Lectromart retail outlet.

Where as many employees work only part time/weekend collage jobs and then go onto new things. Tim has been with the company now for many years, often punctual and well dressed, in his issued uniform.

When we interviewed Tim he had this to say.

cfn: "So Tim how do you feel about finally being recognized for your extra effort"
TC: "Oh! It was great I was just telling my girlfriend over the phone how........What's going on out there"
cfn: "erm Tim you seem a bit distracted, is it the shock of winning this award?"
TC: "What! No look out there in carpark, there's a big crowd....and there coming this way, they don't look happy at all"
cfn: "Oh I see and your expecting complaints?"
TC: "well no not really.......especially not from that one with his jaw hanging off. Where did I put that cricket bat?"

At this point the cottonfalls news link went down, we hope to bring you more from Lectromart in the future


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