Thursday, May 18, 2006

An eye witness account "Bob"

It was horrible. I work the late shift at the mall. Security.
I've not been there long but they've recently hired more security staff.
I was issued my own torch on the first day.

I got carpark duty that night and wasn't looking forward to fending off teenagers all evening, so I called in sick.
I live with my mum and when she got home with the shopping she was livid. She'd parked right by the guard hut expecting to see me on duty. The guard hut was empty when she'd got back to her car and just as she was about to phone me on her cellphone, some hooded teen lurched out of the bushes and bit her. I mean actually bit her.
My moms a tough old crow, so she swung the shopping bag into his head (mostly canned food) the guy went down like a deflated doll (not that I have those kind of dolls).

Mum was in her R.V and driving home fast, you see in her eyes it was my fault. When she got in she didn't look well. All I could think of was the lad in the carpark, there's enough cctv to convict mum if he was to sue and we don't have a lot.

I grabbed moms keys and raced to work.
What I saw chilled my blood. The streets were full of rioting it seemed. Cottonfalls mostly ain't that kind of town. Mostly.

The Carpark held new horrors, a group of ....rioters had the mall Clown and were literally ripping the stuffing out of him, I've not seen so much grey fluff since "the war" (you know that film by that sci fi director wanting to win an Oscar at last, it was in black and white).

I panicked and started hitting teddies with my torch, ones jaw came right off but he just kept gurgling, then the clown sat up, his eyes had clouded over and he lunged for me.

It was then I was grabbed and pulled into the mall, by Captain Cromski (he's in charge of our police up here).
I just heard his gun blazing away there was fluff everywhere, then I fainted...


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