Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trapped at silkwaters (eyewitness2)

It was the strangest thing. Cindy and I had been sunbathing all day and my fur had got a lovely all over glow. The boys had gone off hiking in the woods or something like that.
Anyway it got to dusk and Cindy decided to get back into her shorts and shirt but I fancied a dip before changing out of my bikini. As I was splashing around Cindy said she could hear the boys returning so went back to the cabin to meet them. I splashed around a bit more when I felt eyes on me and that's when I saw them, the whole bank of the river was covered with these murmuring tatty bears, it took awhile to notice some were missing ears others had their stuffing hanging out or were actually coming apart at their stiches. It was the one chewing on Cindy's head however that made me scream and scream..........and scream some more. Eventually even bikini clad girls get bored of just screaming and I noticed they weren't coming in the water I was safe and I looked good to, it was like a Halloween swimsuit photo shoot.

I would have stayed put all day but then I heard the breathing. Deep raspy breathing right behind me. I know you shouldn't look at a time like that but you just cant help it. I'm not sure if the zombear in the water was supposed to be a lumberjack a hockey player or a rapstar, but momma didn't raise no idiot, so I chose to run rather than asking.

So hopefully that explains why I'm now in a farmhouse surrounded by those thing wearing just a rather fetching string bikini.


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